Our next Harrow Landlord Accreditation Training will be held on 19 March 2020 at Harrow Civic Centre.    


The training will last the duration of the day commencing at 9.15 am and finishing at 4.30 pm - tea, coffee and a buffet lunch will be provided on the day. 


The Scheme aims to help improve the standard of privately rented accommodation in London, by working with landlords to improve your management skills and your understanding of legislation and the requirements of local authorities. It wants to assist good landlords to operate a successful business.  Benefits of being accredited.


An important element of the scheme is the development course, which will give you information on how to avoid the pitfalls and problems of operating a rental business and should problems occur how best to sort them out. For information about the course content click here.


To become an accredited landlord you are obliged to complete the one day development course and agree to comply with the LLAS Code of Conduct.


The cost of the course is £131.10 via post, reduced to £99.90 if booked online.  However, if you are an existing Help2Let landlord and are currently letting your property on either our Tenant Finding or Leashing Scheme, Harrow Council will cover the full cost.  


Please telephone the Help2Let Team on 020 8424 1605 for details on the discount as you will require a voucher number to secure your free space.  You will need to provide the address of your rental property. 


To activate the discount you must register, book and pay online at www.landlords.org.uk   


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or email us on landlords@help2let.co.uk




The job of a private landlord can be daunting as it requires many varied skills and a wide area of knowledge, ranging from your legal obligations and duties as a landlord through to what you need to look out for when getting repairs done. Running a successful business will result in a profitable return on your investment and enable you to provide good quality housing for your tenants with minimum intervention from the authorities.

The London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) will provide you with the necessary skills to run a successful business. A partnership of landlord organisations, London Councils and university accommodation units have worked together to set up a development programme which will provide you with the information necessary to improve your business. Irrespective of whether you are new to the business or are already running a successful portfolio, to be accredited under the LLAS will assist your business and give you access to many useful services and benefits.

This pan-London scheme was launched at the London Landlords’ Day on 9th July 2004 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.

It is a partnership scheme, involving landlord organisations, educational organisations and the 33 London Boroughs.


• Most existing landlord accreditation schemes throughout the country in effect accredit properties, not the landlord.

• The LLAS accredits the landlord him/herself, following successful completion of an approved property management course




• The Government is promoting landlord accreditation schemes as an effective means of improving the private rented sector for the benefit of all.

• The LLAS is founded on the belief that the more knowledge and awareness landlords have regarding the key property management issues, the more likely it is that their properties will be maintained to a higher standard, their tenants' health and safety will be improved and the landlord's businesses will be better protected against falling foul of the complex laws surrounding the letting of residential properties.


• Improved and up-to-date knowledge of the key issues of property management and landlord-tenant legislation


• Comprehensive reference material covering all aspects of private sector letting


• Discount and preferential consideration opportunities with insurance companies, banks, building societies, building materials suppliers, etc


• Improved access to local authority services (including help lines and hotlines) for housing advice, housing benefit advice, etc


• Integration with existing borough accreditation schemes


• Increased confidence that the business is “getting it right”




Stemming from an idea amongst Officers in a number of London Boroughs, preparatory work took place to consult all London Boroughs and allied organisations on the feasibility of introducing a London-wide Landlord Accreditation Scheme. The consultations resulted in the formation of a Steering Group comprising representatives from most of the London Boroughs together with key landlord associations and educational organisations.

The London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) is based on delivering managerial development (ie training) for participating landlords. Integral to it will be the 'fit and proper person' concept, which will be closely linked to a Code of Conduct which every accredited landlord must sign up to.

Whilst important elements of the course will relate to the physical state and management of properties, accreditation under the scheme will not be directly related to the actual condition of the properties owned by the landlord (although certain elements may be covered generally by the Code of Conduct). It is therefore a scheme to accredit landlords rather than their properties.

It should be noted that the LLAS will not affect in any way property standards or other accreditation schemes operated by individual Boroughs, but it is intended to be entirely complementary to them.

The Scheme

The LLAS recognises the utmost importance of landlords having a wide and detailed knowledge of the many issues surrounding the letting of residential property.

Educational development of landlords will therefore form the priority of this scheme to ensure that they fully understand their obligations not only in a legal sense, but also the more general responsibility they have to the communities in which their properties are situated. Issues such as current legislation, basic structural requirements, tenancy agreements, inventory control, gas/electrical safety, harassment and illegal eviction will be covered, as well as the delivery of comprehensive information on Housing Benefit procedures and other relevant matters.

It is envisaged that a basic level of knowledge/information will be possible to communicate within a one-day course, but further 'training modules' have been developed to take interested landlords to a more detailed level of knowlege in particular areas (eg HMOs, Housing Benefit, etc).



There are many benefits to becoming accredited under the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme. You will:

• Learn about your rights and responsibilities under the new legislation


• Learn about key issues of property management and managing a tenancy


• Receive a comprehensive reference manual


• Have access to the latest, up-to-date information via our website, newsletters and future development courses.



Apart from gaining further knowledge about being a successful landlord, there are many other advantages including:

• Business advantages as tenants seek out accredited landlords.

• Use of the UKLAP logo when advertising your property, for example in Loot etc


• Reduced HMO licensing fees


• Grant money to improve your premises


• Grants to being empty properties back into use


• Integrations with existing borough accreditation schemes


• Preferential treatment by landlord organisations and universities


• Discount and preferential consideration opportunities with insurance companies, banks, building societies, materials supplies etc


• Improved access to local authority services for housing advice, housing benefit advice, etc.


How To Become An Accredited Landlord

To become accredited, a landlord or someone considering becoming a landlord must

• Complete a one day development course.


• Agree to comply with the UKLAP (http://www.londonlandlords.org.uk/declarations/code-of-conduct/)


• Be a Fit and Proper Person (http://www.londonlandlords.org.uk/declarations/fit-and-proper-person/)




The training is intended to follow the natural progression of a tenancy from beginning to end. It will cover all the main areas that a landlord should know in order to operate a successful business:

• The preliminary requirement.

• How to set up a tenancy.

• How to prevent problems occurring during a tenancy.

• What to do if things go wrong.

• What to do at the end of the tenancy.

A detailed manual will be provided which will act as a reference and working document.


The major areas to be covered are shown in the Course Content.


Online payments at £79.90, 28% discount on the normal costs of £110


If a Limited Company or Partnership wish to become accredited:

• At least two thirds of the directors, partners and/or employees who are actively involved in the day to day activities of letting private residential properties must successfully complete the LLAS development course.


• All directors, partners and employees must comply with the Code of Conduct and be fit and proper persons.


• Directors, partners and employees that successfully complete the development course, agree to the LLAS Code of Conduct and are a fit and proper person, will become accredited in their own right.